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For only $1.19 per day per facility/site location, all employees in your organization can have state-of-the-art, online, video-based training featuring Clint’s unique, magic touch.

Care Crowd VT offers invigorating, entertaining, short and to-the-point chapters focusing on attitudes, customer service, teaming and advancement of the care profession.

Best of all, this exciting new training is being made available to LeadingAge Members at a tremendous discount!

The care profession can be one of the most fulfilling human endeavors, bringing positive outcomes to people every day. Like any profession, it is not without its daily challenges. Successful outcomes require navigating and surmounting these obstacles.

To ensure these successes, Clint Maun is utilizing this cutting-edge, online video-based platform to train care professionals like you with empowering tips, tools, and techniques needed to maximize your daily care efforts.

Join the Care Crowd today, so you too can be a part of a revolutionary movement to improve care from within.

Key Features

What makes Care Crowd VT so unique?

Web-based Training

Accessible from a wide array of devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile

Available 24 hours a day

Always accessible to your trainees 24/7/365, so they can train when the time is right for them

Online Video

Video-based training that users can start/stop/replay as needed to learn the content at their own pace

Progress Reporting

Users and administrators can monitor training progress and reward/incentivize content uptake

Five Reasons for Joining the Care Crowd

  1. A one-of-a-kind invigorating, interactive learning system presented in short entertaining segments by Clint Maun.
  2. Clint is the proven speaker and consultant that can make the learning relevant, fun, accountable and useful.
  3. Only here can your team get this entertaining, thought-provoking information to assist with teaming, attitudes, customer service, marketing, communication, relationship development and personal self-esteem.
  4. The Care Crowd’s focus is on 4 realistic, easy to remember pillars:
    • Care is Cool!
    • Customers are Great!
    • Teaming Makes It Easier
    • I (personally) Make a Difference
  5. To help train and retain your team, this system is delivered, as only Clint can, at a price point that no one can match. Add in your LeadingAge member discount, and the value is off the charts.

Hear what folks have to say!

“We became a part of the Care Crowd about a year ago. Our management team completed all the levels and decided to share these lessons with our staff during in-services.

It is a great tool and has started many conversations regarding what we are doing now and determining what changes need to occur to accomplish our goals.

These lessons have been a great starting point to consider future projects, taking into account the current focus on Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement.”

-Linda M. Lamson
Administrator, Oak Grove Manor


For only $1.19 per day per facility/site location, every employee in your organization can benefit from this unique training over your 3-year site license!
This is incredibly affordable training that all levels of your staff can benefit from!

Care Crowd Foundation Training

These core concepts prepare care professionals of all levels for a lifetime of positive outcomes

At the heart of Care Crowd VT are 4 pillars that define what it means to be a Care Crowd member. These simple principles establish a framework that form a strong foundation you can build your care career on for a lifetime of success.

Care Crowd Foundation Training
  • Care is Cool!
  • Customers are Great!
  • Teaming Makes it Easier
  • I (personally) Make a Difference

By joining the Care Crowd and mastering these fundamental, yet critical courses, you make tremendous strides in improving care, building self-esteem, fostering partnerships and driving accountability at all levels. Become a part of the solution!

See the Care Crowd VT Course Outline for an overview of the Care Crowd VT foundation training content.

View a sample excerpt below from one of the included training lessons to see Clint Maun in action as he guides you on your way to being a fully-vested, intensely-involved and highly-successful member of the Care Crowd...

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